José James signs to Rainbow Blonde Records

I’m free y’all. And you’re coming with me. Today I’m announcing that for the first time in my career I’m going fully independent. From now on all of my music will be released on my own artist-run and funded label Rainbow Blonde Records. Let me tell you a little bit about this label.

Founded in 2018 around the 10th Anniversary reissue of “The Dreamer,” Rainbow Blonde is the brainchild of Talia Billig, Brian Bender and myself. Every release from demos to final mastered vinyl is handpicked, art directed, produced and created by us. There’s no middle man any more. We oversee every step of the production to make sure the artists’ vision is supported and amplified. And rest assured that every dollar, pound, euro and yen that you guys spend buying one of our vinyl LPs, CDs, streaming a track, or towards buying merch (coming soon!) on our website supports our label and helps us fund a new project or sign a new artist. It’s just that simple. Every person we work with from design packaging, photography and video is listed on our website under “collective.” From LA to NY, London and Berlin our team is growing. This is a new moment for the music business and we are ready for it. A new label created by artists and for artists, right here right now. Come and join the movement.

We have some amazing releases coming up featuring some of the best minds of my generation:

10/23 Bright & Guilty “Soft Age” digital single
11/8 Taali “Were Most of Your Stars Out?” EP
2/7 Ben Williams “I Am A Man” LP

And something special from yours truly. Stay tuned.


Photos by Janette Beckman

José James
Preorder Taali's "Were Most Of Your Stars Out?"

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Taali is back home in New York and preparing to debut her self-produced follow-up EP, Were Most Of Your Stars Out?, November 8th, 2019. Unlike her debut album I Am Here, Were Most Of Your Stars Out? (which references a line in Salinger’s Seymour: An Introduction), is entirely acoustic, opening with Taali’s high, trilling voice ringing out in a traditional Jewish melody. 

“Jewish people, after all, have a tradition of telling stories and asking questions. We weave our collective history and experience into melody, and into words,” Taali says.

With an intimate cover shot by famed photographer Janette Beckman, Stars captures Taali at the height of her singing and songwriting ability. The piano-led “Los Angeles,” reimagined from I Am Here, is a Regina Spektor-esque ode to starting over in an unfamiliar place. Later, the quiet, Fender Rhodes-led “Wayward Star,” which Taali wrote from her Orchard Street apartment, is a placid refrain about what it’s like “to be truly yourself with someone, and let down your guard.”

“Specifically, to be with someone who had been through as much as me was a new challenge, and also a new beauty,” Taali says. “I was thinking of both of us as broken people, but also beautiful people together.”

Closing out Stars, José James joins Taali on the peaceful, harmonized “Snowfall On Orchard,” which sounds like a sister song to Imogen Heap’s vocoder classic “Hide And Seek.”

“I wrote ‘Snowfall on Orchard’ with José five years ago,” she says. “It’s the first original song that we wrote together, and I think it’s a little postcard in time of a very, very optimistic moment in our lives, and a very in love moment. I’ve played it for years at my shows, but only people who have gone to live shows would know it.” 

Referencing history--her own, her family’s her city’s--is inherent to Taali’s process. In making a triumphant return to New York this year, Taali has both rediscovered her artistry and, after attending Nefesh in Los Angeles, her Jewish culture on Were Most Of Your Stars Out? Infusing traces of traditional Jewish melody into every song--especially album opener “The Main Thing,”

Taali, like onetime New York resident and modern storyteller Leonard Cohen, successfully weaves Jewish culture, melody and harmony into the wider American pop landscape.

Preorder here

Taali's “Snowfall on Orchard” feat. José James Debuts Today on KCRW

Debuted by KCRW today, Taali has unveiled an intimate duet Snowfall on Orchard” featuring her creative partner R&B/jazz vocalist José James. The breathtaking song is the second single off her forthcoming Were Most Of Your Stars Out? EP due out November 8 via Rainbow Blonde Records, a label and worldwide collective she runs with José James, and engineer and producer Brian Bender. Taking after fearless piano-led lead single “Los Angeles”, the EP is an entirely acoustic collection filled with unparalleled honesty, expressive lyricism and vulnerable fragility. Taali will be performing live across the US with stops in New York City, Denver, and Los Angeles.

Behind the inspiration, Taali shares, “‘Snowfall on Orchard’ and its surrounding EP, ‘Were Most Of Your Stars Out?’ honor where I come from, where I've journeyed, and where I've landed. I wrote "Snowfall on Orchard" with José in Manhattan, during a blizzard. It was and remains a transparent, dreamy accounting of the beginning of a love affair. After I wrote the song, I settled in Los Angeles for two years, where my writing and creativity exploded. Los Angeles (the current worldwide capital of songwriting, in my opinion), shaped my sound and it shaped my soul. We founded our record label with Brian Bender in Atwater Village, and now run the label as a bicoastal venture. The song grounds us in the city we wrote and recorded it (NYC), and the city where it was mixed and released (LA).

Taali releases acoustic single "Los Angeles," announces EP "Were Most Of Your Stars Out?"

Taali has announced the new Were Most Of Your Stars Out? EP due out November 8 via Rainbow Blonde Records. It is an entirely acoustic collection of seven tracks filled with unparalleled honesty, expressive lyricism and vulnerable fragility featuring creative partner R&B/jazz vocalist José James. Released today, the fearless, piano-led lead single “Los Angeles” is a Regina Spektor-esque ode to starting over in an unfamiliar place. Taali will be performing across the US with stops in New York City, Denver, and Los Angeles.

Tour Dates:

11/7: New York, NY @ Joe's Pub 
11/9: Denver, CO @ Mizell Cultural Center 
11/10: Los Angeles, CA @ Hotel Cafe

Taali releases debut album"I Am Here"

We’re thrilled to announce that Taali’s debut album “I Am Here” is available on all platforms and has already been met with a beautiful response. We’re so thankful to be able to share it with you. Listen on all platforms here.

Full of thoughtfulness, genuine intentions, powerful imagery, and airy harmonies, the 15-track (I Am Here), is proof that Taali and her much needed positivity, are here to stay.
— Bust
I Am Here is a triumphant rallying cry for those seeking out healing, power, and connection. The whole album feels like an out of body experience from another perspective. Whatever darkness you’re in, Taali sheds a light of hope in I Am Here.
— B Sides TV
I Am Here released today on Rainbow Blonde Records (co-founded by Taali herself alongside José James), is a fittingly anthemic introduction to her avant-garde electro-pop enchantica. Full of drama, cinematism, and downright scorching vocal hooks, Taali’s new single breathes new life into a genre often over-saturated with sugary club bangers and lack-of-substance.
— BORN Music
Taali releases new single "Los Angeles," premieres video via BlackBook Magazine

We’re thrilled to release the single and music video for the stunning “Los Angeles” by Taali. Premiered by BlackBook Magazine, the video, directed and filmed by Rainbow Blonde community member Madelyn Deutch, filmed Taali’s last day in LA in her apartment and neighborhood market. Honoring their real life friendship, it captures the gentle, fragile moment where magic occurs.

Taali writes of the song, “I wrote it in February of 2017. That winter it rained, almost daily. For the first time in a decade, Los Angeles bloomed. And as the barren mountains flowered, I realized I could do the same. I put aside my deep, frantic need for external validation, and replaced it with a budding inner strength.”

Buy, stream or listen to “Los Angeles” here

Announcing the #IAmHereTrip

What is growth?
What is home?
What is identity?
How do we define our art?

The #IAmHere Roadtrip seeks to address these questions in real time.

TAALI and Rainbow Blonde Records co-founder José James will learn and connect with their audience as they travel across the United States starting from Los Angeles to New York City. At each stop, TAALI will film performances of her songs, culminating in the 2019 Rainbow Blonde Record Label Sunset Celebration setting roots in her new home, New York City.

Follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at #iamheretrip.

taali cadillac .jpeg

Join us.

Follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at #iamheretrip.

Taali - "I Am Here" LP to be released early 2019 on Rainbow Blonde Records, listen to "Hear You Now"
Taali - Hear You Now - Rainbow Blonde Records

We're thrilled to announce that TAALI has signed to Rainbow Blonde Records and will release her new LP "I Am Here" in early 2019. Her debut single "Hear You Now" produced by Josiah Kosier (Vōx) is a triumph of the female spirit, featuring a post chorus of incredible women worldwide. 

José James releases 10th Anniversary Edition version of "The Dreamer"
Jose James - The Dreamer - Rainbow Blonde Records


“Stripped down and captivatingly raw, this is bonafide jazz all the way.”
Thomas Barlow, BBC Music

Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter José James celebrates the 10th anniversary of his groundbreaking debut album “The Dreamer.” Fully remixed by Brian Bender and remastered by Bernie Grundman with four previously unreleased bonus tracks written by John Coltrane and José James. Available to pre-order on Digital and to pre-save to your Spotify collection, with new tracks “Equinox” and “Coltrane (Dear Alice) available to download instantly below:

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