Taali releases debut album"I Am Here"

We’re thrilled to announce that Taali’s debut album “I Am Here” is available on all platforms and has already been met with a beautiful response. We’re so thankful to be able to share it with you. Listen on all platforms here.

Full of thoughtfulness, genuine intentions, powerful imagery, and airy harmonies, the 15-track (I Am Here), is proof that Taali and her much needed positivity, are here to stay.
— Bust
I Am Here is a triumphant rallying cry for those seeking out healing, power, and connection. The whole album feels like an out of body experience from another perspective. Whatever darkness you’re in, Taali sheds a light of hope in I Am Here.
— B Sides TV
I Am Here released today on Rainbow Blonde Records (co-founded by Taali herself alongside José James), is a fittingly anthemic introduction to her avant-garde electro-pop enchantica. Full of drama, cinematism, and downright scorching vocal hooks, Taali’s new single breathes new life into a genre often over-saturated with sugary club bangers and lack-of-substance.
— BORN Music