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Announcing the #IAmHereTrip

What is growth?
What is home?
What is identity?
How do we define our art?

The #IAmHere Roadtrip seeks to address these questions in real time.

TAALI and Rainbow Blonde Records co-founder José James will learn and connect with their audience as they travel across the United States starting from Los Angeles to New York City. At each stop, TAALI will film performances of her songs, culminating in the 2019 Rainbow Blonde Record Label Sunset Celebration setting roots in her new home, New York City.

Follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at #iamheretrip.

taali cadillac .jpeg

Join us.

Follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at #iamheretrip.

Taali - "I Am Here" LP to be released early 2019 on Rainbow Blonde Records, listen to "Hear You Now"
Taali - Hear You Now - Rainbow Blonde Records

We're thrilled to announce that TAALI has signed to Rainbow Blonde Records and will release her new LP "I Am Here" in early 2019. Her debut single "Hear You Now" produced by Josiah Kosier (Vōx) is a triumph of the female spirit, featuring a post chorus of incredible women worldwide.